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Welcome to Fish in Greece

Welcome to Fish in Greece



Fish in Greece will take care of everything from start to finish, leaving you free to focus as much or as little as you like on fishing, whilst visiting some of the most beautiful and historic places in Europe.

Fish and Stay Packages

Our Fish and Stay packages include a choice of superb sea locations to access the Greece delights of the underwater world. We cater for both individual anglers and groups. We also arrange fishing courses for those who do not have any experience and for those who really want a chance to catch “the big one”! 

We offer tailor made packages ranging from 1-7 days which include accommodation, fishing guide, private transportation, permits and all the fishing equipment you will need.

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Benvenuti al Fish in Greece

Benvenuti al Fish in Greece



Fish in Greece si occuperà di tutto dall’inizio alla fine  lasciandoti la piena libertà di concentrarti, tanto o poco, come ti piace,sulla pesca, visitando nello stesso momento uno dei più bei paesi del mondo sia dal punto di vista paesaggistico che storico. 

Pacchetti di soggiorno e pesca

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